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Meet The Staff

Staff Members

Audrey Curry
Audrey Curry Director

Audrey Curry has extensive experience in primary, secondary and tertiary education, and, for the past 30 years, she has been part of the Senior Management team of Stranmillis University College.

Mrs Pat Hutchinson MBE
Mrs Pat Hutchinson MBE Office Manager

Pat Hutchinson MBE worked for Newtownabbey Citizens Advice for 25 years. She has been He has been involved in the Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries for over 25 years and with Equipping for Life from the start of the programme.

Dr Darrin Barr
Dr Darrin Barr Area Support Officer

Darrin Barr started work in the pharmaceutical industry but for the last 3 decades has been working in secondary education. He was Principal of Bloomfield Collegiate for 9 years.

Mrs Karen Stevenson
Mrs Karen Stevenson Inspire Coordinator

Graduate of Queen’s University Belfast and the Ulster University. Karen has worked in numerous areas of the Northern Ireland Education sector for 39 years. This includes 28 years as Vice Principal in Dundonald Primary School where she was pastoral lead and with a passion for each child to feel unique and valued, Karen introduced the Inspire the Future programme.

Mrs Jennifer Dwyer
Mrs Jennifer Dwyer Administration volunteer

Jennifer is an administration volunteer with EfL joining us two mornings a week.  After starting work in the NHS she was then at Queen’s University for 33 years, where she was Head of Admissions for 12 years.

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