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Tennis in Schools

Tennis Programme

Participation in sport is a wonderful way of engaging young children in physical activity and helps to develop many key life skills such as teamwork and problem solving.


School Staff Comments

‘The tennis coaching met precisely the key elements of the PE curriculum. developing both tennis skills …and wider physical skills.’,

“..offered elements of team-work, co-operation and healthy competition..”

“School staff have commented on the organisation, planning and fun nature of the sessions…many news skills have been developed by the pupils.”

“opportunity to play a sport they would not otherwise have participated in …”

Equipping for Life began to offer free tennis coaching into schools in the Shankill area in June 2021, beginning in Forth River Primary School. Using professional coaches, we provide a basic but fun tennis course to all ages in the primary schools using sponge balls and shortened racquets.

EfL volunteers start the sessions by praying for the children followed by 30 to 40 minutes of coaching. At the end 8 to 10 weeks of the programme each child receives a certificate. Over the last two years we have coached hundreds of children in seven of the Shankill schools.

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Children’s Comments

“It was great to get the chance to do something different.”

“It was fun to have a proper tennis coach teaching us.”

“I just loved all of it, it was brilliant.”

“My favourite thing about Tuesdays is tennis.”

“I wasn’t feeling very well, but I had to come to school so that I didn’t miss tennis.”

“The programme has been excellent!”

Tennis Coaches

Will Boyd
Will Boyd Tennis Coach

Will is a Tennis Ireland Level 2 coach and is currently the Head Coach of Cavehill Tennis Club.

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