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Reading in Schools

Reading Programme

A child’s ability to read is the cornerstone of a successful and rewarding life and our volunteers are passionately committed to helping primary-aged children to improve this vital life skill. Equipping for Life is working in partnership with over 20 primary schools across Northern Ireland to place teams of volunteers who read to children on a regular basis.

Click on the picture below and watch a video about our Reading Programme.

Why not consider volunteering for the Reading Programme and change a child’s life!

"At Eden Primary School we have been very fortunate to have had Equipping for Life supporting our children. We have 4 volunteers with 9 children from P4 to P7. They all really enjoy going to see their volunteer for special one to one time. The volunteers are fabulous with the children, they are warm, welcoming and encouraging. It is quite obvious that the feeling is reciprocal and that everyone enjoys the sessions and gets a lot out of them. After speaking to the children, they all enjoy having an adult all to themselves for half an hour without interruption, which in this busy technological world is a godsend.”

Watch the video below to learn about how a programme like ours can help children in schools.

We have over 120 volunteers who each have two 30-minute sessions per week with two different children. Each session opens with a prayer of blessing for the child followed by reading.

The children come from P2 to P7 and the volunteers are encouraged to use a flexible approach to each session. In consultation with the schools the volunteers may use other resources such as mini whiteboard or educational games to help build self confidence and communication skills.

“ I really look forward to seeing Ronnie. We play games and he makes me laugh. “
Myah ( 11)

“ I like going to see John. He is always happy and I like reading to him. “
Rua (9)

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