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10th August 2021: Brother David's email to all VTs and Prayer Partners
Hello Brothers and Sisters. 
This is the first fortnightly email I have sent since the beginning of June.  I am glad to be back in contact with you after such a long period, so I thought I would begin with some good news.  We have made one of the appointments to senior management which we have been promising. Darrin Barr has been appointed as Area Support Officer. Darrin has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and began his career working in the pharmaceutical industry.  Later he moved into education and served for many years as Vice Principal of Victoria College.  He was also Vice Principal of Bloomfield Collegiate in East Belfast, where he later became Principal for 9 years.  Darrin has a wide experience in all levels of education.
He is also keen on sport and as a younger man at Ballymena Academy was an enthusiastic hockey player.
Darrin is a member of the Belfast Vineyard Church where he plays an active role. He is also a son in law of the late Canon W.H.Lendrum, who was a great man in the healing ministry in this country.
We are very pleased to be able to appoint someone of Darrin's ability and experience to a senior management position in EfL.  His main responsibility will be to spread EfL to as many places as possible throughout Northern Ireland.
We welcome Darrin to our team and pray that he will be happy working for EfL.
Getting back into schools
We have not heard any updated message from the schools about when we will be back in, but all of them would like us back as soon as possible.  So we are working on the assumption that we will be able to return at the end of September.
We will be doing risk assessment for any VTs who declared their health to be vulnerable.  We will leave this to a short time before we are due to go back to schools.  And we will certainly be taking every precaution to make sure that our VTs and children will be safe.
Some new people have volunteered to become VTs.  I will probably do the interview with these people early in September.
Reta Stewart
I have some sad news to share about Reta Stewart.  Reta was a VT in Glenwood school, but unfortunately died last week when visiting her son in Oxford.  She was part of a good group who came from Hillsborough Parish when EfL started on the Shankill at the end of 2018.  Reta's working life was spent as a school teacher in England, but in retirement she and her husband Colin came to live in Hillsborough.  When her Rector asked for volunteers to work on the Shankill Reta quickly volunteered.  She was a lovely lady who was very popular with both her fellow VTs and the children.  We shall miss her very much.
Please pray for her husband Colin and her three sons Nicholas, Jonathon and Peter.
Reta, may you rest in peace and rise in glory.
The tennis in Forth River school was a big success during the month of June.  It was led by Will Boyd, coach in Cavehill Tennis Club.  We intend to carry on with the tennis after September in Forth River and gradually move to other schools, one at a time, the same as we did with the reading classes.
Week of prayer for EfL
This will be done in our own homes from Tuesday, August 31 until Friday, September 3.  I can think of no better way to start a new term than with a week of prayer.  The week will be divided into half hour slots.  The minimum we are asking people is to do is one half hour slot, but I hope most will be able to choose one half hour each day.  That would lay a good foundation for all our activities in the coming months.
Springfield School
Springfield have decided that, as a school, they will handle the reading themselves.  We leave on very good terms with Head Teacher Mr. Osborn and are grateful for the opportunity to go in there to take children for reading.  May the good Lord continue to bless the work of that school, which was Northern Ireland school of the year in 2019.
Taking EfL to other parts of Northern Ireland
We have made many contacts during the time of pandemic.  Places where we are booked to go in to schools are Lisburn, East Belfast, Downpatrick, Rostrevor and Warrenpoint, Castledawson, Portadown, Carrickfergus, Ballyduff and Newtownabbey. 
Places where we are still exploring are Enniskillen, Banbridge, and Holywood.
There will be plenty of work as we get all these venues up and running.
My own progress after the hip operation at the beginning of June
Probably the truth is that progress has been slower than what I expected.  However I am doing well now.  I feel that the Lord says to me consistently that I will make a full recovery from the operation, but it will take time. I am holding Him to that.
I am enormously grateful for the support I have received from EfL - messages of support, assurance of prayer and practical help in many forms.  This has made the whole experience so much better than it would otherwise have been.
Sincere thanks to all of you.
If you could continue to pray I would really appreciate that.
                 Guide us, Lord, in all our doings
                  With your most gracious favour
                 And further us with your continuous help,
                 That in all our works, begun, continued and ended in you
                 We may glorify your holy name
                 And by your mercy find peace at the last.
                 Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
         May the good Lord bless you and keep you and give you his peace.
                                          David Jardine
9th July 2021: compiled by Carole Sleator
EfL Prayer Leaflet – 9 July 2021
(Compiled by Carole Sleator- EfL Volunteer)

Thank God for:
* The generous donations given to the Shankill Methodist Food Bank and to Baby Basics;
*The successful launch of tennis at Forth River P.S. and for permission to say a blessing prayer prior to the session. Also pray that this initiative will expand and spread.
* A successful hip operation for Brother David, those who support him and for continued recovery.
* The Ballyduff project which is up and running in co-operation with Bryson Charitable Trust. Pray it will go from strength to strength.
* “Friends With God“ book which was given to the children we took for reading. May it be a blessing in their homes.

Please pray for: -

* Our return to schools sometime in September. Pray infection rates will be low, risk assessment will be thorough and everyone will be safe.
* An excellent uptake of half hour slots for the week of prayer from Tuesday August 31st - Friday September 3rd.
* Political stability, particularly in the summer months with a focus towards the future rather than the past.
* Branches of EfL opening later in the year. Pray for area coordinators and that any problems can be resolved.
* More new volunteers to help with extra tuition classes and homework clubs.
* The two senior managers who will be employed soon. Pray they will be full of enthusiasm and the Holy Spirit as they support the ministry.

Volunteer Tutors, please continue to pray for the two children you read with. Remember the P7 kids transferring to high school. Pray they will have a placement and that God will protect them as they venture on.
Pray that all volunteers will make a mammoth effort to recruit at least one new volunteer.
14th June 2021: Peace through Forgiveness, David Jardine
Hello Brothers and Sisters.

It was a major disappointment to most of us in Northern Ireland when violence broke out in some areas around Easter this year. It persisted for quite a few nights in a row, and many of us were concerned that it was going to be hard to stop. What eventually did restore peace was the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. Out of respect for the Royal Family the organisers called a halt to street activities, until after the Duke's funeral. Thankfully, at the time of writing the violence has not started again, and the vast majority of us hope that it never will.

Newspapers were full of articles as to why these street disorders happened in the first place. Top of the list of reasons was Brexit, and all the tension surrounding that process. Many in the unionist community are angry at the customs border down the Irish Sea, and all the disruption that has caused. The number of checks on goods coming into the country is exorbitant. A grace period is in operation at the moment, until October. This eases the number of checks, but the Chief Veterinary Officer of Northern Ireland says that were it not for the grace period the number of checks at Larne and Belfast would be more than all the checks on the rest of the EU borders put together. That is an extraordinary statistic.
There was tension as well around a paramilitary funeral, when the rules on Covid were flaunted. These and some other reasons explained the tension and the outbreak of violence.

But that is not the full story. The ongoing tension between the two sections of the community, which has never been fully healed, is probably the major reason. I was recently re-reading a book by Philip Yancey, ' What's so amazing about Grace? ', and he had an important chapter on forgiveness. He said that in countries where violence breaks out on a regular basis, either within the country or between countries, the real reason is probably that they have never really forgiven one another. This may well be true in Northern Ireland. Although there are probably hundreds of examples of people who have suffered grievously, and have forgiven in a most glorious way, it is true to say that the two sections of the community have never fully forgiven one another.
So I started to practice this myself. I made a small list of political figures, mostly from the Republic of Ireland, the E.U. and Northern Ireland - people who were taking a very hard line on the Northern Ireland Protocol, refusing to give any leeway. I took time each day to practice the prayer of forgiveness towards them. Very quickly I found that my annoyance towards them subsided, and I was very much at peace. When we forgive my experience is that it is not only the person who forgives who receives God's peace. In some amazing way the power of God seems to be released into the person being forgiven and they also receive a measure of God's peace. Then reconciliation becomes much more possible. Whatever the explanation I found that some of the people whom I was praying for started to take a slightly softer line, and tension was eased. I will continue to pray.

The prayer of forgiveness can be a very gentle way to pray. If I pray it with a smile on my face I find that helpful. I start off by identifying the person or people whom I am going to forgive. Then with eyes closed I pray, ' Jimmy, I forgive you in the name of Jesus, and I praise God that in the name of Jesus you are forgiven. ‘I repeat that affirmation quite a few times, until I feel in my spirit that I have done enough. Then I move to the next stage saying, ' Jimmy, I have forgiven you in the name of Jesus, and I praise God that in the in the name of Jesus you have been forgiven. '
I keep on praying like this for some time. When peace comes that is usually the sign for me to stop. I may have to keep coming back to praying in this way for quite a few days, or even longer, to make sure that I really have forgiven. Someone said that forgiveness is not just for a day or two. It is a life sentence.

A famous man in the healing ministry, Canon Jim Glennon from Sydney, Australia, said that when he became involved in the ministry there were six people in his life with whom he had had a bad relationship. He started to pray the prayer of forgiveness towards them. It took eighteen months before he was able to say that he forgave them from the bottom of his heart. But for the rest of his life he continued to pray for them every day, in case the demon of resentment should ever get in again.

Forgiveness begins with a decision. We decide that because Jesus taught it and practiced it, as his followers we have no choice. We have to forgive. Nelson Mandela was asked in 1990 when he came out of prison did he not feel embittered by what had happened to him. He said that there was plenty that he could feel bitter about, but he had chosen to go another way. He had chosen...
If we are prepared to make a decision to forgive, and not go back on it, we are in with a real chance of finding God's peace. In his book, Total Forgiveness, R.T. Kendall says that when he forgives totally, and let’s go of anger and bitterness, he is at peace. The dove of the Spirit is resting on his shoulder. But if he goes back on that decision and starts to talk badly about the person again then the dove flies away and waves bye-bye. So we have a clear choice. We can forgive completely, stick to that decision and find God's peace. Or we can forgive, and then allow resentment and anger to return, and lose God's peace. There is no half-way house.

I hope that for most of us God's peace is such a wonderful gift that we would make strenuous efforts to ensure that we do not lose it. There's a broadcaster and entertainer in Northern Ireland called Hugo Duncan. He has his own show every weekday on BBC Radio Ulster for an hour and a half. Hugo is an alcoholic, but he has not had a drink since 1982. I asked him one time if he was ever tempted to drink again. I don't think it had happened to him too often, but he said that when it did he thought of everything he would lose if he went back on the drink. That made him angry and, and he rejected any thought of starting to take alcohol again.
Maybe we could use the same approach when we are tempted to go down the road of unforgiveness again. Through forgiveness many blessings are bestowed upon us. Two of the greatest are peace, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. While peace of mind is a wonderful gift, at the same time no minister of the Gospel can afford to be without the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I would hate to be without that anointing when I am preaching. There would be no life, no freedom, no vitality, no fire of the Holy Spirit. Refusing to forgive would deprive me of all that. Unthinkable.

A friend of mine said the heaviest burden anyone can bear is a grudge. In our interior life it is very costly to hang on to a grudge, giving life and energy to anger, bitterness, resentment, thoughts of revenge and hatred. Even our bodily health can be damaged. Maybe that was what a doctor was referring to when I wrote an article on forgiveness in Plain Truth about five editions ago. He came from Belfast, and in a letter to the Editor he said that he had heard me speak on forgiveness. He decided to start practising it, and he found it such a blessing that he now wants to shout out, ' It works! It works! ‘Then he went on to say that in his medical practice fully one third of his patients would not need to come to him if they practised forgiveness in the way that I have described. I know what he is talking about. There have been a small number of occasions in my life when I was so angry that I needed the gift of forgiveness to restore my peace. I was able to do that without the help of any other person, just between me and the Lord. What a gift!

I have also discovered that the greater the offence committed against us, when we forgive in those circumstances, the greater the blessing we receive. So could we start to see forgiveness as an opportunity? Not allowing ourselves to be consumed by the magnitude of the task in forgiving, but being driven forward instead by the huge blessing we are going to receive. ‘Do not return evil with evil, or insult with insult, but with blessing, for to this you were called, so that you yourselves may inherit a blessing (1 Peter 3 v. 9). In order to forgive it does require at times determination and perseverance, but the rewards are so great it is worth making that effort.

R.T. Kendall in Total Forgiveness asks the question, ' How do we know we have forgiven? ‘One of the answers he gives is when we do not need the person to come and say sorry. I would agree with that, but I would also say that when we really do not need someone to say sorry that is a very deep level of forgiveness.

I want to finish by telling you about the experience of Rev. Terry Laverty, a Presbyterian minister in Northern Ireland. When Terry was just fifteen his eighteen year old brother, who was a policeman, was shot dead by the I.R.A. Terry was deeply angry, and it took him a long time to get over it. Although not a committed Christian at that time Terry had been to Sunday School and had learnt many bible verses off by heart. These stood him in good stead at this time of grief. His Head Teacher at school was also helpful. He noticed that Terry was often crying, so he went to him and asked him what he would be doing if he was not at school. ‘Riding my bike, golfing, fishing, ' said Terry. ‘Well, ' the Head Teacher said, ' forget about school at the moment and go out to cycle, play golf, fish. ‘That is exactly what Terry did, and years later he is still very grateful to that Head Teacher for his wise act of compassion.
He also heard an evangelist say that forgiveness is important because it's all about you being free. That made an impact. Gradually Terry settled and found his way into the ministry of the Presbyterian Church. When he tells his story today it is not a goad to others that they must forgive and move on. Rather he presents his story as an invitation, an invitation to consider grace.
Terry says, ' I want to encourage anyone who is struggling as a result of violence and trauma to consider grace, to consider the hope that Jesus offers, to consider that there is a possibility of living without bitterness and walking on as someone who is amazingly and wonderfully free. '

Br David Jardine
6 June 2021

Pat Hutchinson MBE
Development Officer
Equipping for Life
Days & Hours of work:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday ( Working from Home)
8.00 am to 3.30 pm
21st May 2021: Brother David Jardine's email to Prayer Partners and VTs (May 20, 2021)
Hello Brothers and Sisters.
I hope this email finds you well. I have just heard on the radio that it is expected that there will be an announcement later this evening that from next Monday many of the restrictions that we have been living under are going to be lifted. So that is good news.

I just want to mention a gift from God which has been a great blessing in my life - listening to God. In any relationship that is going to work two elements need to be present, talking and listening. Have you ever met anyone who talks all the time and never listens? It is very tedious. And yet that so often is the way we treat God. We talk all the time, and never give ourselves time to listen.

It was away back in 1982 that the Lord gave me an ability to hear Him speak in a way that I had never known before. It came in response to prayer and fasting, and although I was not specifically asking for this gift, after a couple of months He gave me a completely new way of listening to Him. Up until then I had only been able to hear God speak when He was making huge demands upon me, like the call to the ministry or the call to the Society of St. Francis. But once He gave me the ability to listen in a new way I think my relationship with the Lord was completely transformed. Now I can go to Him if I need guidance, sometimes He just gives me reassurance that something has gone well, on other occasions He wants to tell me how much He loves me, and at times the two of us can just sit down and have a chat.
There was one major way in which my ministry was changed. Up until 1982 I used to think up good ideas and put those into practice. Since I found a new way of listening to God I now take time to listen to hear what His good ideas are, and then I put those into practice.
That is the way we try to run Equipping for Life.

Week of prayer
We are coming towards the end of our second week of prayer. The first one was in February, and there were some great answers to prayer. Already this week the Lord has moved in some major ways. No wonder. We have 330 half hour slots filled.

Food Bank
We have arranged with Rev. Colin Duncan to invite members of the EfL family to make donations to the Food Bank at Shankill Methodist on Thursday, June 3. Donations can be left any time between 10am and 12 noon. Shankill Methodist is about 200 - 300 yards past the lights at Agnes St. and Northumberland St., on the right hand side of the Shankill Road (on the corner of Berlin St.)
Baby Basics can also be left at Shankill Methodist. That would be a valuable contribution as well.
If you cannot bring a donation of food a cheque made out to the Food Bank at Shankill Methodist would be a wonderful gift.

Getting back into schools
I was speaking to a Head Teacher during the week. She said that she is very hopeful that we will be in schools in September. That is good news and is probably as far as anyone could go at this time.

We are aiming for the date of Wednesday, June 9, to start children hitting the ball in the playground of Forth River School. Our intention will then be to follow that up on Wednesdays until the end of the month, and then review the situation.
After the coach from Windsor has got us going we hope he is going to train a team from EfL who will be able to carry on in the future. If any of our Volunteers would like to be involved in this we would be glad to hear from you.

Certificates for children in our reading classes
Audrey Curry and I felt during the week that it would be a good idea in the future to give a certificate at the end of each year to all the children who have done the reading course. I think they would be very pleased at this.

St. Patrick's, Drumbeg
Audrey and I had a very good time with the Rector of Drumbeg, Rev. Willie Nixon. He was very enthusiastic about what EfL stands for, and I think we will be able to work well with him in the future.

Vision for the future of the country
A journalist called Brian Rowan has written a book called Political Purgatory about the last 50 years in Northern Ireland. He was asked who out of all the people he had interviewed made an impact on him. He just named two. One of those was Rev. John Dunlop. John said that what we need to do now in Northern Ireland is to stop being obsessed with the past, and start to focus on the future.

Speaking engagements on behalf of EfL
David Jardine. Parish of Castledawson - Sunday, May 23 at 10am and 11.30am
David Jardine Parish of Seagoe, Portadown - Sunday, May 30 at 11am
Canon Norman Jardine St. Patrick's, Drumbeg - Sunday, June 6

Please pray for these engagements.

Prayer please
This is a personal request. I am going for a hip operation on Friday, June 11. I would really appreciate your prayers for this operation, and indeed for the recovery time. Thank you.

Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries

Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries are having weekly healing services at 7.30pm in St. Patrick's Church of Ireland, Ballymacarrett, Newtownards Rd, Belfast BT4. Personal Prayer ministry will be available under strict Covid guidelines. There is good car parking at the church and all are welcome.

Brothers and Sisters, may I bless you with a lovely prayer from the old service of Compline:

Save us, O Lord, while waking, and guard us while sleeping,
That awake we may watch with Christ and asleep we may rest in peace.

May the good Lord continue to be with you all

David Jardine

Pat Hutchinson MBE
Development Officer
Equipping for Life
Days & Hours of work:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday ( Working from Home)
8.00 am to 3.30 pm
11th May 2021: Prayer for EfL
  EfL Prayer Leaflet   11th May 2021

Thank God for:-
The re-opening of schools, pray for the safekeeping of everyone in the education system, particularly the schools we serve on the Shankill:
The vaccination programme, that our volunteers have received at least one jab and that the infection rate of Covid-19 continues to fall.
For more than 10,000 viewings of the website, Alan Graham who manages it, Bible stories which are now available and the volunteers who read them. Pray that the stories may be accessed frequently by the children.
For technology and its use for Zoom prayers for EfL on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
For financial donations which enable the work to continue and develop.
For the good response to prayer on Maundy Thursday.

For arrangements to open a branch of EfL in Portadown and for Julie Foy taking responsibility for administration there.

Please pray for:
An enthusiastic response to book slots during the EfL Week of Prayer from 17-21 May.
A fun initiative aiming to introduce children to tennis and to develop their skills in this area. Give thanks for Audrey Curry who will run this project and all the volunteers helping.
Two new senior management staff still need to be appointed, may God guide and give wisdom to those involved in the selection process.
A generous spirit to support the Foodbank and Baby Basics and God’s blessing on the Rev Colin Duncan, Karen and Jill who oversee these initiatives.
That 50-70 new volunteers will be recruited so we can meet the need for homework clubs and more groups to take children for reading.
That the Access NI clearance procedures will not be a stumbling block for new volunteers.

Sourcing of suitable prayers to be used by volunteers and children before the reading session commences.

Pray for:
Political stability which will help keep the Shankill clear of unrest or violence.
Parents who may have suffered greatly due to the effects of the pandemic.
Children who have a lot of ‘catching up’ to do in schoolwork and that their health will not have been impacted.
That education will be viewed as a blessing from God which deserves respect.
For Principals, all staff in the schools and also the volunteers.
That the prayer leaflet will be frequently used by all supporters.

Carole Sleator Team Leader Malvern School

For further information please contact:


Pat Hutchinson MBE
Development Officer
Equipping for Life
Days & Hours of work:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday ( Working from Home)
8.00 am to 3.30 pm

Please visit our website www.equippingforlife.org.uk
10 March 2021: Prayer for EfL
EfL Prayer Leaflet   10 March 2021

Give thanks to God for:
Sustaining everything and everyone in this Ministry through pandemic conditions, and that many involved have received their vaccinations.
New Zoom Prayer times (Tue, Wed 10am, Friday 9.30 am) and for enthusiastic participation during the EfL week of prayer.
Colin Dickenson’s work on risk assessment, protocols etc. before his contract ended in January.
Financial good health enabling support for the Food Bank.
Encouragement given to the children via cards sent to them by their volunteer.

Priorities to pray to the Lord of the Harvest for:
Sufficient new volunteers to enable us to launch Homework Clubs in the schools. Pray that each volunteer would find a suitable candidate and that Access NI etc. would be cleared well in advance.
Two new senior management staff to be recruited and appointed to take new initiatives forward.
Efforts to get Bible stories on the EfL website for the children to access will happen soon and that this resource would be well used.
The Future: Pray for:
Plans to run Homework Clubs in the Shankill schools will move forward and frameworks for these will be set up for September.
A further day of prayer on Maundy Thursday 1st April and a week of prayer from Monday 17th May to Friday 21st May will be well supported.
Invitations to bring EfL to new venues in NI would be accepted and progress of these would move forward. Pray for 12 Area Development Officers in our organisation being trained to assist the main organisers in the new area.

General:  Pray for:
Wisdom for politicians; that they would ensure the reopening of schools in a safe manner at the right time.
Divine guidance, strength and protection, from Covid-19 for all staff in schools and the Principals, Jill Black, Emma Clarke, Janet Douds, Lisa Grimason, Alison Hutchinson, Janet Lyness, Genevieve McSorley, Stephen Osborne, Judith Stevenson and Wesley Wright.
Children would not be impacted permanently by the change of circumstances in the last year and that they will recover from any negative effects.
Enlightenment for many in society so that they would value education and living in God’s way.

Carole Sleator Team Leader Malvern School

For further information please contact:


Pat Hutchinson MBE
Development Officer
Equipping for Life
Days & Hours of work:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday ( Working from Home)
8.00 am to 3.30 pm

Please visit our website www.equippingforlife.org.uk
13 May 2020: Prayer for EfL
   Wednesday, May 13, 2020

                                   Prayer for Equipping for Life
Heavenly Father, we thank you for this new ministry, Equipping for Life, which has been launched on the Shankill Road and other areas.  Thank you for bringing it into being, and for the work that has been done so far.  We pray for all the schools which have given us such a warm welcome.  Thank you for the good work being done by so many dedicated teachers and staff in these areas.  Lord, by your grace, may our presence in these schools be a blessing to the children and to their parents.
Thank you, Lord, for the guidance You have given us as to the way ahead.  As we continue to give this ministry to You, may You continue to bless all of our endeavours.  And in everything, Lord, may You be lifted up and glorified.  In Jesus' name we ask this.  Amen
During this period of lockdown may the good Lord be your constant companion and best Friend.
                                             David Jardine
April/May 2020 Prayer Topics
APRIL/MAY 2020 Prayer Topics

That their health may be protected and that the enforced break will not damage their educational prospects.

Head Teachers
Pray for the children you personally are taking for reading
Pray for the families of the children

That the Lord will protect us from this virus and that soon it will be overcome
Pray for those who have the virus
Those who have been bereaved because of it
Health service staff and others in the service industry

Give thanks for the quality of people the Lord is giving us as Volunteers. Pray that all of them will come back when the emergency is over.
Setting up Homework Clubs
Exploring taking young people in secondary schools for reading
Possibly starting up in East Belfast

We have £5000 worth of books to give to the children
That these books will be a blessing to the children and help them to grow in their relationship with God
Jenny Hurst and Heather Boyd distributing the books

Rathcoole (3 new schools). Rev. Billy Davison and Rev. Ruth Patterson organisers.
Lisburn (2 new schools ). Rev. Arthur Young organiser.
Taughmonagh Primary School (Head Teacher Mrs. Janet Douds )
Wheatfield P.S. in the Ardoyne (Head Teacher Emma Clark)

That we will find plenty of these when the schools start again
That through these engagements we will find plenty of new VTs
That there will be engagements for team members as well

In the areas where we work people suffered a great deal during the Troubles. This suffering has increased their lack of motivation. Pray for the healing of hurts.
That the talent of the children will be fulfilled.
That the website, run by Heather Boyd, Jennifer Dwyer and Alan Graham will start to build up a big following.
Finances—that the Lord will provide all the money needed to run the ministry

Guidance for David Jardine as he plans the way forward
Pat Hutchinson doing all the administration, a very big job
Colin Dickenson as Development Manager
Tommy Stewart as our very valued advisor
Gordon Bell, Chairman of the Board of EfL
April 2020: A Prayer for EfL
A Prayer for Equipping for Life
Heavenly Father, we thank you for this new ministry, Equipping for Life, which has been launched on the Shankill Road. Thank you for bringing it into being, and for the work that has been done so far. We pray for all the schools which have given us such a warm welcome. Thank you for the good work being done by so many dedicated teachers and staff in this area. Lord, by your grace, may our presence in the schools be a blessing to the children, to the young people and also to their parents.

We pray for the work we have become involved in with Impact Training, and for any future ventures that they may grow and flourish.

As we plan towards the future we give all of this work to you and pray, Lord, that through it You will be lifted up and glorified, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
April 2020: A Community of Prayer
One of the blessings of being isolated at the moment is, that if you are a person of faith, you have a great deal of time for prayer. This is a subject which has not been mentioned nearly enough in the public debate about corona virus - the power of prayer. We all know that at times of anxiety prayer is comforting. But I believe that it is much more than that. Through prayer, and God's response to it, He can change the whole situation. I have found that when praying for people who are sick they normally receive a real measure of peace, and the whole healing process is quickened up. And sometimes miracles happen....On May 26, 1940 King George V1 called for a National Day of Prayer in Britain. People were terrified that they were going to be invaded by Germany. So millions responded to the King's call and came out to pray in thousands of churches. Two significant events immediately followed. First of all a violent storm arose over Dunkirk and the German aircraft were unable to take off. Secondly, the sea was calmer than it had been for a generation. This allowed the fleet of small boats to get right in to the French coast. The result was that 338,000 soldiers were rescued instead of the projected 30,000.

We can look for a similar response from God concerning the corona virus. On Palm Sunday, 5th April, Church leaders and some prayer ministries asked people all over the country to pray for an hour between 3 and 4pm. They reckon that tens of thousands responded. I noticed that for the next 4 days the number of deaths in Northern Ireland from corona virus dropped. What I think we all need to do now is continue to pray, most of us in our own homes. Taking time to pray, praying as we watch the news on TV, listen to the radio, read the papers. If enough people pray enough, then the surge which we are told is definitely coming, can be weakened and driven back.
March 2020: A Letter from Brother David
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August 2019: A letter from Brother David
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Prayer and News 14 May 2020
   Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Hello, Brothers and Sisters, I hope you are still coping well with lockdown.  The good weather has been a blessing to us, especially if we have some space around the house where we can take fresh air.
During the past week I have gone back to spending time listening to God.  I asked Him to give me some guidance on the way forward for Equipping for Life.  I felt that He gave me three things: Firstly, He told me not to limit the ministry just to the areas where we are working now, or about to go in to. He said to start to take the ministry to the whole of Northern Ireland.  Secondly, I asked Him for guidance on how to get involved in working with teenagers.  He said to go through the Secondary schools.  The structure there would enable us to make a meaningful contribution.  Thirdly, I felt the Lord telling me to form a group of  'Friends of Equipping for Life '  - individual people, groups, churches, clergy, organisations - receiving our communications, promoting the ministry, possibly praying for us and making a financial contribution.
I then felt the Lord say that this is enough in the meantime.  All of these activities will require a lot of work to get them up and running.
I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you would like to make about this proposed way forward in the short term.
1 East Belfast
Bishop David McClay has given us a warm welcome to come and work in East Belfast.  I feel that in the days to come he will be a good friend to the ministry.
2   Spiritual food on the radio and internet
On Sunday past I listened to the service on Radio 4 at 8.10am.  Then I listened to the service on Radio Ulster at 10.15am.  At 11am I went Livestream with Lowe Memorial Presbyterian Church.  All were excellent.  There is a lot of very rich spiritual food available on the media at the moment.
3 Friends of Equipping for Life
Could you start to think about people, clergy, churches, organisations who could become Friends of EfL?  Before very long we could start to contact them.
4 Website
I think our website has some very good stuff on it at the moment.  Could I ask you please to recommend it to your friends?  Encourage them to visit it.  I think the section on profiles is particularly good.
I am doing a short video on the website today Wednesday at 2pm.  It should be up a short time after that. www.equippingforlife.org.uk 
5 Prayer for our Land
The next hour of prayer for our land will be on Sunday, May 17 from 3 - 4pm.  If you feel that you can fast some of us start at 6pm Saturday and go through to 6pm Sunday.
6 Morning of Prayer for EfL
The next morning of prayer will be Wednesday, June 3 from 10am to 12.30pm.  Maybe you could spare some time to pray during those hours?
                                   Prayer for Equipping for Life
Heavenly Father, we thank you for this new ministry, Equipping for Life, which has been launched on the Shankill Road and other areas.  Thank you for bringing it into being, and for the work that has been done so far.  We pray for all the schools which have given us such a warm welcome.  Thank you for the good work being done by so many dedicated teachers and staff in these areas.  Lord, by your grace, may our presence in these schools be a blessing to the children and to their parents.
Thank you, Lord, for the guidance You have given us as to the way ahead.  As we continue to give this ministry to You, may You continue to bless all of our endeavours.  And in everything, Lord, may You be lifted up and glorified.  In Jesus' name we ask this.  Amen
During this period of lockdown may the good Lord be your constant companion and best Friend.
                                             David Jardine

Equipping for Life, Praying for EfL