Equipping for Life for a better future

Our Initiatives

Education Support

Literacy Support – volunteers working with in partnership with 4 schools in 2018/2019 with volunteers beginning literacy support in a further 4 schools in 2019/2020

Christian Books – following a £5000 grant from the Henderson Group, we plan to distribute a large number of Christian books to children. This has been delayed because of the COVID 19 pandemic but we aim to complete the distribution during the autumn of 2020.

Numeracy Support – volunteers will begin to pilots in 2 schools in Autumn 2019, with the hope to roll out numeracy support to other schools in early 2020.

Parent Education Support – volunteers will commence a pilot with 1 school in Autumn 2019, with the hope to roll out parent support classes in other schools during 2020.

Pathfinder School Project – A Pathfinder Project will commence with one school during the 2019/2020 year designed to maximise the education, employability and social cohesion that can be provided through a holistic volunteer partnership.

Employability Support

We have begun an employability support project, providing one to one support with one of the largest employability organisations in North and West Belfast. Equipping for Life volunteers are working on a one to one basis with young people, who until now may not have had a positive experience of education.

Social Cohesion Support

During the later part of 2019 / early 2020 Equipping for Life will begin partnering with a selected number of voluntary organisations that are seeking to increase social cohesion in communities that have been impacted by deprivation.

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