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Muriel McCartney: Volunteer Tutor in Edenbrook School

Muriel McCartney, a native of Ballinderry, has been married to Jim for 52 years. They have two daughters, three sons and four grandchildren.

Muriel has been an active member of Dundrod Presbyterian Church for 50 years. During this time, she has assisted with the Boys Brigade. She has been a Sunday School Teacher for 30 years. She has also been a Co-ordinator of the Prayer Ministry. For the the last 10 years Muriel has been a Church Elder.

Two significant areas in Muriel’s Christian life have been Divine Healing Ministry and Good News Club. Her strong Christian faith has been a great influence on her family. Jim and Muriel’s son Bishop Darren McCartney was Bishop in the Diocese of the Artic. After seven years, Bishop Darren, his wife Karen and their son Liam have exchanged the Canadian Arctic for a beautiful corner of South Down and are now settled in Down and Dromore.

Whilst her children were growing up, Muriel worked as a School Meals Supervisor in Dundrod Primary School, a post she thoroughly enjoyed. She retired after 30 years, with many happy memories. In retirement she continues with her weekly badminton and frequent walks.

Muriel, in answer to Brother David Jardine’s request, is now a volunteer in Edenbrook Primary School. She takes great pleasure in helping the children to read and being a part of the Volunteer Tutors with EFL.

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Equipping for Life, Muriel McCartney