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Geraldine Montgomery: Volunteer Tutor in Harmony School

Geraldine became involved with EfL as her husband works in printing and his office moved close to the Argyll centre off the Shankill Road in Belfast. Geraldine's career as a science technician meant her always working in Belfast schools of which some were Cairnmartin, Bloomfield Collegiate and St Patrick’s R. Catholic school in the Antrim road.

Geraldine works with two pupils who attend Harmony Primary School in Belfast: (a) an 8-year old girl with special needs and (b) a boy of almost 10 years of age. Geraldine has noted good improvement with the 8-year old and hopes the suspension of activities due to Covid-19 won’t spoil the good reading achieved. She started to go into Harmony school in 2019.

Geraldine is a member of St Marks Parish Church. In past days she had been a choir member but presently has a very active role in the Mother’s Union. She is Vice President of Connor Diocese where there is specific interest in fundraising and communication.

Geraldine enjoys walking, gardening and reading. Like the rest of us who love EfL, she looks forward to being with her two pupils again as Covid will hopefully soon ease!!

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Equipping for Life, Geraldine Montgomery