Equipping for Life for a better future

Danny and Lorraine Graham: currently tutors in Malvern Primary School, Belfast

Danny and Lorraine Graham live in Ballycarry, which is a 40 mile round trip to Malvern School. They were not brought up so far away, in fact Lorraine actually went to Malvern school, where they both volunteer.

They are involved in a small house church, where Danny is one of the bible teachers. He is recording a small devotional blog each morning since the beginning of the crises to encourage and uplift people who hear.

Danny and Lorraine have always been involved in evangelistic work, sometimes in France and more recently in Ireland. They both were thrilled to get this opportunity to serve the Lord by helping children in the inner city.

They have three sons and two daughters-in-Love (yes love not law) then two grandsons to complete the picture. They have recently celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

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Danny and Lorraine

Equipping for Life, Danny and Lorraine Graham